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Sunstone is one of Europe's most active early-stage venture capital firms. With offices in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Berlin, Germany, we invest in seed and Series A rounds in technology companies all across Europe.

Since inception in 2007, Sunstone has backed over 50 exceptional founding teams. We invest throughout the software stack and across industries. Recent investments include Exporo (Germany), Werlabs (Sweden), and Aire (UK).

We now manage just under €400 million in committed capital and are actively investing from our fourth fund, raised in 2016.

We believe in the entrepreneur as our customer. We believe in honesty, kindness, and hard work. And we think technology is the greatest lever of human progress. We consciously consider this when investing.

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Much love,
Jimmy, Christian, Max & the Sunstone team


Here's a subset of our portfolio - note that most new investments we make remain unannounced for some time.

Blackwood Seven
Natural Cycles


Jimmy Fussing

Jimmy Fussing, Managing Partner

Jimmy is a former asset manager and co-founded Sunstone in 2007. He is responsible for our investments in Boozt, Sourced, Exporo. Peakon and RFRSH.

Christian Jepsen

Christian Jepsen, General Partner

Christian is a former entrepreneur, co-founder of Sunstone, and responsible for our investments in Prezi, Blackwood Seven, Natural Cycles, Werlabs and others.

Max Niederhofer

Max Niederhofer, General Partner

Max is a former entrepreneur and VC (Accel Partners, Atlas Venture). He joined Sunstone in 2013. He is responsible for our investments in GetYourGuide, Dubsmash, Travelperk, HeyJobs and others.

Yacine Ghalim

Yacine Ghalim, Principal

Yacine joined Sunstone in 2013 from Goldman Sachs. He studied management at HEC Paris and quantitative finance at Bocconi University. Yacine is responsible for our investments in Aire, Corti, Shim, Mojiworks and others.

Deepka Rana

Deepka Rana, Associate

Deepka joined Sunstone in 2017 and is based in Berlin. She studied Physics at Imperial College and started her career in Investment Banking in London, where she worked with European Tech and Media companies. At Sunstone she is focused on sourcing and evaluating new investment opportunities.

Brianna Cho

Brianna Cho, Analyst

Brianna joined Sunstone in 2017 from HEC Paris, where she studied on a merit scholarship. A graduate of NYU, Brianna speaks five languages. At Sunstone she is focused on sourcing the next great company to invest in.

Merete Lundbye

Merete Lundbye, Partner and General Counsel

Merete is Sunstone's general counsel and supports the investment team in all transactions. She was previously a lawyer at Gorissen Federspiel.

Søren Tange

Søren Tange, Head of Finance

Søren is Sunstone's Head of Finance and takes care of all administrative, financial and compliance issues.

Jørgen Smidt

Jørgen Smidt, Venture Partner

Jørgen is a former general partner of Sunstone and executive at Nokia. He is responsible for managing Sunstone portfolio companies Asetek, Freespee and Flatfrog, and successfuly sold Cloudmade to Valeo.

Nikolaj Nyholm

Nikolaj Nyholm, Venture Partner

Nikolaj is a fomer entrepreneur and general partner of Sunstone. He is currently launching a new business, and also responsible for our gaming portfolio including Seriously, Traplight, Ministry of Games, and others.

Why Us

We believe venture capital is a service business and that you, the entrepreneur, are our customer. We work hard to support you on your entrepreneurial journey: "from inception to liquidity."

While many of our competitors market themselves as "hands-on", we actually believe that VCs can meddle too much. We provide value-add when you want it and get out of your way when you don't.

The most tangible benefit of having Sunstone as an investor is our help in syndicating your current and follow-on rounds. We help you produce your materials and hone your pitch to perfection. And then we introduce you to the most relevant partner at the top European and US venture funds, many of whom we've worked with in the past.

Our investment thesis is based on backing the very best European founders. With Sunstone as your first institutional investor, we help you signal to the world that you're in the top 1% of European technology startups.

We believe in intellectual honesty, moral integrity, and technology's potential to support human progress. Sunstone's portfolio is a family of likeminded hard-working and incredibly nice people. We'd be delighted to have you consider us as a partner. Please ask for references at any of our companies, past and present.


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